Best Ponies and Horses Breeds To Share Your Home With

shetland pony

It is a smart idea that when you want to have a family and you are not certain if you are ready, you can buy a pet to cover up your loneliness. Having a family is one of the blessings we are thankful for. Our pets have been part of our family because they are the one comforting us when we feel lonely. Psychologist say that our pets have great contributions to live our lives happily and completely. There are emotional benefits we can get from caring a pet at home. Our pets foster an emotional feelings for our kids, and you can see their development upon seeing your kids doing her responsibility in feeding and caressing their pets. Kids develop a kind behavior towards others as they learn how to value the companionship and the presence of their pets.

In wanting a pet, you can foster care of any animals you wish to have at home. Every animal has their own unique and individual characteristics. If you wanting to keep a dog at home, you can really imagine how they would behave at home. There are some who wants to live with unique breeds of animals. Horses are one of the magnificent creatures we may share a home with. They could also cuddle loneliness away when they are trying to sweep their hair on your skin to ease what you are feeling in the meantime. When you want breed of horses suitable as a pet, you may want to see how falabella horses look like. It is a small horse originated in Buenos Aires, Argentina and it has been perfected to one of the best miniature breed of animals. It looks the same as all other horse’s breed but it only differentiates on its size and to add some positive thing about them, some adorable characteristics mimic the behavior of a loving pet dog. Its average height only ranges up to 86 cm and that is around 34 inches only. They are friendly and intelligent one, ideal to be one of the best pet you may own.

Checking on their same kinds, ponies have almost the same physique as horses, but they are not considered as one. Shetland ponies came from Shetland Isles, Scotland. They have been workers and laborers years after the Bronze Age. They were brought by those people who lived in the Island across mainland Britain, and since then, Shetland ponies become one of the mining workers in the USA.

Its breed was then improved and registered after it reached the high-quality standard. Shetland ponies are now widely sold because it has become one breed that has maintained its purity. If you want to own one, you may check on

There are so many things you have to understand and to look upon when you want to have Shetland ponies in your home. One thing is that you should build a comfortable habitat for them to rest, the kind of foods you may serve them and the vitamins you should provide. If you need an idea on how to keep a healthy Shetland ponies in your farm, you may want to check on

Importance of Horse Racing Sport Wear

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Horse racing is a sport for which class and elegance meet speed of the steed. Now, this sport is not just about elegance and class. There is also danger that the rider is facing while being involved. The mere fact that the rider is mounted on top of a horse a few feet high is already a risk itself. The risk of falling down with a mere movement of a horse or the rider himself is a potential. What more if that horse runs like the wind, the risk of injury is high. The dangers of this sport are even comparable with the dangers of riding a motorcycle.
That is why having the right gear to wear is something that you must give full attention to. Not only to help you achieve full mobility and good maneuverability while riding your horse, but also to keep yourself safe during mounting the horse.

Now, you may consider these types of sportswear bulky and a bit heavy, but this is just a little price to pay for your safety while on the mount. These head-to-toe safety precautions must not be taken lightly. Some may think that since they’re so good at the sport already that they can avoid further dangers, but this is not the case. Even the best of the best are not immune to such risks and neither are you.
Now, for all intents and purposes, it is not just the body protectors that are important to take note of when riding. Other sportswear is also to be considered. This includes the coats, the jackets, the shoes, the neckwear, the headgear, the gloves, and the socks. The jacket should fit you of move with ease when holding on the reins while on the horse, the footwear should fit in order to avoid slipping or avoiding being outbalanced, the headgear should fit to totally protect your head in case of an incident which would involve your head in any case. You get the point.
These might seem pretty generic to everyone, but the fitting of these should fit a rider perfectly. The things you wear will definitely affect the way you carry yourself in this sport. Now the body protectors and vests should always be maintained to provide maximum protection for you at all times. It should be given at least two to three years at most before you change them. Even if it is not damaged by wear and tear, the span of time of its exposure is still something to consider. Better safe than sorry.
With all that being said, we hope this expresses enough the importance of horse racing sportswear. In relation to this, you can always go ahead and have your sportswear personalized. This way, you can choose on the fit that you feel most comfortable to you and at the same style have that look of elegance and class while you go in speed with your steed. You can also check if you would be taking this route.


6 Key Features of the South Yorkshire Veterinary Care Websites


When your pet in South Yorkshire needs medical attention, how do you know which veterinary care to choose? It can be a tough decision. However, one way you can choose veterinarians from a particular animal clinic/hospital is to examine the website. Here are some key features that you should certainly look for when examining sites such as

1. Photo galleries
These are found at various veterinary care websites, such as You can find several types of pictures, such as pets that have received care at the facilities, charity events, etc. Indeed, a picture is worth a thousand words. While photo galleries aren’t required at a clinic for animal hospitals/clinics, it’s certainly a feature that adds a special touch, since you can see visual images the new and exciting events at the institutes, rather than just read about them.

2. Free advice
This can be on a wide array of topics, such as specialised tips on medical care for cats and dogs, guides on transporting your pet to the hospital/clinic, pre-operative, etc. Advice is usually a good thing, and especially when it’s free. Having a pet can become stressful if you’re uncertain about which steps to take in certain cases. This can be especially true when dealing with various medical conditions for your pet, and emergencies in particular. Look for veterinary care organisations that offer such advice, since it shows that they’ve gone the extra mile for their customers.

3. Testimonials
It’s always helpful to get feedback from a third party about a particular veterinary care organisation. Testimonials on a website can give an objective and personalised perspective about the veterinarians working at a particular organisation. It’s possible that not all of the testimonials will be 100 % positive. That’s OK. However, you should be wary when testimonials are mostly negative, or are entirely positive. Look for sites with testimonials that are mostly positive. It’s impossible to always please everyone, but it’s important if feedback for a company is mostly positive.

4. External links
Such websites can provide additional services that can be useful to pet owners, such as pet-sitting, dog-walking, pet-taxis, etc. This is yet another way that veterinary care websites can offer additional help to their customers. You might even find websites that provide specialised care for certain types of pets, such as cats, rabbits, birds, etc. Providing sub websites is yet another way that veterinary care websites show that they want to provide the best service possible to their customers. Typically such sites provide useful pet care information.

5. Newsletters
This is a great way for veterinary care providers to keep their customers up-to-date with news about the clinics/hospitals, neighbourhood events, etc. This is a great service provided, as it will keep the customers informed about critical news that’s going on. Such newsletters tend to be free, so that’s another great benefit.

6. Branches
It’s important not only to know where the veterinary care branches are, but also information such as their house of operation, contact information, and directions.

Things Your Vet Needs You To Know


Many of us treat animals like family, may they be our pets or animals in our farm. We bathe them, we dress them, we feed them, we walk them, and most especially, we love them. Like us, animals, also get sick. It may be the food they were fed, the sudden changes in weather, get wounded and developed fevers and such, and that is why there are veterinarians. They are specialist with regards to this. They are the ones whom we take our animals to get checked and get the proper care so that they could be back to 100% normal. When you need a vet and there’s no one available at that time especially after office hours, there are many online sites which you could consult 24 hours a day for an affordable price.

They can assist you with any questions and inquiries before sending them in into a clinic. Also, if it’s during office hours but there are no veterinarians around, know that vet technicians have also undergone training and are educated enough to answer your inquiries. So talk to them when a vet is not around. They are reliable sources. Now, when you think you cannot afford the cost of something, like a procedure or a medication, be aware that there are animal organizations which are always happy to assist you with the costs. If you have many animals in an area, be aware that parasites, like ticks, can transfer from one animal to another, most especially a canine or a feline type, which are the most common pets around at home. So consider monthly checks for those for your pets to avoid further spread and best to have it with

This cannot only benefit your pets but also you and the people around your pets, most especially children. You can never love your pet enough especially if it has a special bond with you. The tendency is you feed them, and feed them, and feed them. What vets need you to know that inappropriate feeding of pets can cause to obesity which apparently could also lead to more health issues with them. So be aware of this and make sure you don’t spoil them with food only. With regards to hygiene, maybe not all of you brush your pet’s teeth, but vet says that this is a very important thing for your pet’s hygiene. Like us, without proper dental care, bacteria build up can lead to multiple diseases than can be deadly if not quickly remedied. If you are not sure about the discussion with you and your vet, don’t hesitate to ask them.

You might even ask them to note it down for you. Now, your vet will not expect you to know everything on what is needed to be done in order to take good care of your animals or pets, so in any case, they are always there to assist you in any way possible. Take note of these things above and this might help you lessen your vet visits, aside from the monthly or yearly routines. But in any case, love your pet, consult a vet. For further information, visit

How To Select The Best Equestrian Electric Fence Charger


Keep in mind that the effectiveness of your electric fence depends primarily on its electric charger. When you are choosing a charger to use with your electric fence, you want to make sure to select the best charger that will meet your specific needs (within your price range, of course). When selecting a charger to use with your fence, the following are important factors that you need to consider.

Kinds Of Power

When deciding on a fence charger, the first thing you need to determine is the best power supply type for your setup. There are three power supply types that are each widely available: solar, batteries, and plug-in units for 220V or 110V.

Please check out for more complete info on these different types of fence chargers.

Solar power chargers need one or several batteries. You can also add solar panels to most battery powered chargers. In order for solar chargers to be effective, they need to be located in a spot that receives sufficient sunlight. During the winter a solar charger may be less effective if the sky is overcast frequently or you receive heavy snowfall in your area. During these times, the charger might rely a lot more on battery power.

Battery powered chargers (DC) might be a good option when an electrical outlet is not accessible for a fence. Battery chargers, along with the batteries that are required, are a bit more expensive. Also, every 3 or 4 years you will need to replace the battery. My favorite in this category is Gallagher’s AC M600 charger.

Plug-in chargers (AC) provide continuous power to your fence. They are usually the most cost-effective way of powering an electric fence. You can use a 110V charger to power most fences, although the 220V charger can be a good option to power large fences that need a significant amount of power. (Here’s a decent explanation of 110 vs 220 if your lost on that like I was at one point)

In order to use a plug-in charger, you’ll need to have an active electric outlet that is available to use. Depending on where your fence is located relative to the barn, this may be an option. Also keep in mind that if the electricity ever goes out, your fence won’t be functional until power is restored. It might be a good idea to invest in a generator if you have power outages frequently in your area.

Resistance of Different Types of Fencing

Different kinds of electrical fencing will have different resistance. This affects how much power a charger will need to provide. For example, most poly tapes, poly wires and poly ropes all have low resistance. This means they need less power. Therefore a low impedance charger will be sufficient. If you fence is made of wire fencing, aluminum wire has lower resistance than steel wire. So you will a stronger charger for a steel wire fence than an aluminum wire one. (A good general rule of thumb is that the heavier the metal the higher its resistance and the more metal present in the wire, the higher the resistance)

Total Length Of Your Fence

You need to be sure that the charger that you choose has enough strength to power the entire length of the fence. Typically energizers are rated in joules (stored or output) and also in recommended length or acreage. Though these are good estimates keep in mind that these are estimates only. A good rule of thumb is to find the energizer rated at the distance you need to cover then get the next one up in power.

Kinds Of Animals

Your electric fence charger needs are quite different if you are raising horses or cattle versus raising goats or sheep. When choosing an electric fence charger, keep in mind that a stronger shock is required for larger animals. Therefore, you need to have a strong charger. Also, if you are going to use an electric fence to keep stallions in or have a breeding operation, you might need to have a current that is even stronger than what is normally needed for horses. Other considerations into the physical structure of the fence may need to be made as well. For example goats would not respond well to a two-rail fence as they easily fit below the bottom rail or between the two. Take a look at the chart below for some more specific advice on an animal by animal basis.

Chart from

Your Future Plans

If you might be expanding your pasture fencing at some point in the future, you might want to get a more powerful charger right now. If you get a stronger charger, it can power bigger fences. However, if you select a weaker charger and expand your fence later, you’ll have to purchase a stronger charger (or a second one) to properly power it.

Take your time when choosing a charger for your electrical fence. In the long run it will definitely pay off when you have a fence that functions properly and is strong enough to protect and contain your animals.

Horse Riding As A Hobby: It Just Never Goes Out Of Style

horse riding jackets

Here we are, well into the 2nd decade of the 21st century, with technologies and inventions that would have struck our ancestors speechless with wonder. We have cars with gadgets that make even the most casual driver a boy racer, and communications and media technologies that make going out of the house obsolete. We cook meals in minutes, send emails across the globe in seconds and get our tweets and Instagrams in the moment they happen. Life here in the future bears little resemblance to the pre-industrial age.

But despite all of our advances, or perhaps because of them, one activity which should have fallen by the wayside is still going strong. Horse Riding.

Obviously no one is going to saddle up the old mare for a run to the chemists, but for a relaxing afternoon in the country, there is still no replacement for a bridal path. If you are looking for the opportunities for horse riding Birmingham has to offer, there are many options to choose from.

Horse riding in the new millennium is not so different than in years gone by. The saddles are pretty much the same, the paths, worn by the centuries, are pretty much still there, and the horses haven’t changed so you would notice. The sound and the smell and the feel is still there. The excitement you experience when the will of the rider and the strength of the mount are melded into a unit that to the uninitiated cannot be described.

One thing has changed, though, and that is the costume of the rider. Gone are the traditional riding togs, replaced by designer jeans, work boots, and often personalised riding jackets. But though the couture is new, the experience is one that harkens back to the dawn of history.

There is much to be said for just hiking through field and forest, taking a personal, up close look at all that nature has to offer. But the feeling of taking a hill or crossing a meadow at speeds no person alone can match can be exhilarating. For a few moments, you become one with the beasts, experiencing nature on their terms.

Of course, the best way to enjoy the riding experience is to own and board your own horse. You get to know your mount, and your mount knows you. As a pair, you anticipate each other, cater to each other, and the time together is enhanced by familiarity. But if you can’t afford a horse of your own, there are excellent mounts for hire throughout the UK, trained and cared for by expert handlers to allow you to enjoy seeing the countryside the way your ancestors did.

For the more adventurous, you can turn away from the beaten paths and to the broken ground of open country, where there are hedges, fences and ditches to jump, hills and dales to scale and traverse. Rivers and streams to ford, brush and bracken to contend with and a myriad of obstacles to challenge your skill as a rider and the strength and coordination of your horse.

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